At home wine tasting experiences delivered to your door.
Wyflo enables wine lovers (like us) to order tasting kits of all varieties directly from Australian winemakers.
Better yet, if you like what you tasted, you can order more directly from the winery here on Wyflo.
Box shown for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary from winery to winery.
WYFLO Wine Box

How it Works.

We know you love to try new things and it’s simple with Wyflo!
WYFLO - Select a Winery
Select a Winery
We’ve been putting in the hard yards (and wines) to find the best wineries in Australia for you to pick from.
Select a Tasting Kit
Each winery we’ve partnered with have put together a dedicated tasting kit of many varieties just for you.
WYFLO - Select a Tasting Kit
WYFLO - Time to Taste
It’s Time, To Taste
Like magic, you can enjoy your bespoke wine tasting kit from the comfort of your own home (or couch).
Order Your Favourites
Whichever wine you liked the most, you can now buy in bulk directly from the winemaker on Wyflo.
WYFLO - Order Your Favourites

Your new partners in wine.

So what are you waiting for? Choose a Winery!

Created by wine lovers, for wine lovers.

Do you always drink chardonnay but want to try a pinot noir? Perhaps you would like to try a new Riesling that is usually out of your budget?

Wyflo takes the guesswork out of your next wine purchase by bringing tasting experiences to you. Cellar doors are brought to you to create a homestyle tasting experience, and just like going to a cellar door, you only spend your money on the wines you love.


Enjoy a selection of wines from grapes grown in Australia at family owned and operated wineries. We believe in giving consumers the opportunity to try more than they knew existed before.


People are what makes wine great, and we believe authenticity only comes with a true understanding of those who have a hand in its creation.


You order small quantities of the wine varieties you enjoy, know where they come from and how they were made, and have the opportunity to try them before investing in a larger bottle.


Every bottle of wine comes directly from the local family wineries who have built a relationship with WyFlo.
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Start your unique wine journey.