Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Monthly Wine Club Subscriptions?

wine subscriptions

Monthly subscription boxes are all the rage for products as diverse as clothing to fruit to books. Wine subscription plans have gained popularity, too. You may have joined one of them with expectations of delicious bottles to enjoy at home and share with friends on a regular basis. Unfortunately, the wines you get may not suit your tastes at all. If you get one you do not like, all you can do is pour it down the drain and wait for the next delivery.

Consider Their Profit vs. Your Personal Tastes

Wine clubs operate on a for-profit model. Of course, all businesses want to make money, but subscriptions do so by shipping out the wines they get for less and not the ones you truly want. This is where the Wyflo testing box differs. You do not get a monthly automatic shipment chosen by a marketing executive or inventory manager. Instead, you choose from a wide selection of reds, roses, and whites in a variety of price points and styles.

Wine Clubs Offer Limited Options

Australia may offer hundreds of different wine subscription programs to interested drinkers, but it is impossible to sign up for all of them. Also, even getting involved with a few may be cost prohibitive for many people. If you end up with bottles of wine you do not enjoy, you will have wasted a lot of money.

Online wine shopping, purchasing bottles at a shop, or visiting a winery and buying there limits both the scope of wines you can try and also forces you to invest more money than you may want to. Cellar doors give you the opportunity to try more samples and learn about the different options first, but you cannot spend all your time visiting them in hopes of finding your preferred drink. When you think about it, you can see that wine clubs and shipped subscriptions give you the least amount of options at the highest expense.

Wyflo Doesn’t Trap You Into Buying More and More

Imagine no subscriptions that charge your credit card automatically every month. Think of a large selection of delicious wines you can sample at any time. Add in the convenience of fast and free shipping, and you have something much better than any wine subscription club offered today.

Wyflo lets you choose the wines you want to try. You get up to 12 different small bottles that are the perfect size to sample without worrying about waste. When all you want is wine, why bother with subscriptions and wasted money? With the Wyflo business model, you get your own cellar door experience so you can choose the wines you love at the price points you want at your convenience.

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