Don’t love the Wine You Just Opened? Too Late!

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Shopping for new things can be entertaining, especially when you do not risk your money by checking the store’s return policy. You can return a sweater that does not match your skirt, a throw pillow that does not look right on your couch, or a book that does not provide the information you need. When it comes to trying new beverages, however, you cannot get a wine refund on the bottles you have opened.

Perhaps someone you trusted recommended the wine, or you just read some nice reviews of it only. Maybe you wanted to expand your taste experience so picked up a few new varieties at the local shop. You open the bottle, pour a glass, and cringe at the taste. Now you have a possibly expensive bottle full that you will never drink. You cannot give it away as a gift, and there are no such things as wine returns at stores or wineries.

The solution is to not buy large bottles of new types of wine to begin with. When you order a tasting sample box from Wyflo, you get a quick delivery of up to 12 different types of wines to try. You can taste them all yourself or set up a friends-only cellar door while you relax on your sofa or at the table.

What Do You Get with Wyflo?

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Do you always drink chardonnay but want to try a pinot noir? Perhaps you would like to try a new Riesling that is usually out of your budget. No one wants to risk their money by purchasing a large bottle if they do not know if they will like it once the cork comes out.

Wyflo offers tasting boxes that you design yourself. You can choose up to 12 different wines in a variety of types, price ranges, and tastes. Each box comes straight to your door so you can create your own cellar door experience. Enjoy them yourself or invite friends over to turn the taste tests into a party. The boxes come complete with printed guides for flavor notes and tasting suggestions.

It is true that Wyflo does not accept returns of open bottles, but this is normal in the beverage and liquor industries. The best part about it is that, even if you do not like one of the selections, you have not wasted your money. It gives you the perfect way to try out new types affordably so you can make wise selections on large bottles in the future. You even get free shipping.

When you have the opportunity to taste test a variety of reds, roses, and whites from small sample bottles, you do not have to worry about the expense of wasted drinks. Since wine returns at shops and online do not exist, and you are very unlikely to get any type of wine refund for an opened bottle anywhere, think proactively instead. Sampling a variety before you invest in a full-sized bottle allows you to find your perfect taste that you will love.

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