Try Before You Buy – Explore Wine Your Way

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Taking the guess work out of your next wine purchase by bringing tasting experiences to you

With each bottle of wine comes a degree of individuality, which is both a blessing and a curse. We all have our own wine preferences, which can be tricky when you explore beyond what you normally drink.

Leaning on our networks or online reviews to get wine recommendations has a certain degree of risk. Your friend may be in love a specific flavour profile that just doesn’t float your boat; wine preferences vary greatly between individuals. “John’s” online review may state that a certain rosé is just “fantastic darling”. Say you take John’s advice and select the dusty pink rosé that it just “delightful”.You open it, take your first sip and are utterly disappointed because it’s sickeningly sweet. You instantly experience buyer’s regret and just feel down right disillusioned.

When it comes to other consumer goods like clothing, online fashion retailers have cottoned onto the concept of try before you buy, revolutionising the way we shop. In three simple steps, you get a range of handpicked, personally styled outfits to choose from. You tell them about your preferences, body shape and budget, they send you a range of styled outfits to try, you select the ones you like and send back the ones you don’t. It not only saves you time and money, but gives you control over what you purchase.

Why should wine be any different? Luckily for you, through innovative online wine retailers, the wine industry is being transformed. The way Australian consumers select and buy wine is completely different to traditional methods. In-home wine tasting services are bringing cellar doors to wine lovers around Australia, giving them the control over their wine choice.

You can now savour the experience of exploring different flavour profiles without the risk of wasting your money. Cellar doors are brought to you to create a homestyle tasting experience, and just like going to a cellar door, you only spend your money on the wines you love.

These trailblazing online wine retailers have completely disrupted the wine industry, to the benefit of not only wine drinkers but wine makers too. It’s a simple process where you advise your price range, favourite varieties and flavour preferences, and a tasting kit containing handpicked wines complete with tasting notes and a guide is sent to your home. You enjoy tasting them all and only buy the wines you love!

It removes the guess work from buying wine, bringing cellar doors to you through a door-to-door delivery of a range of tasters. Wine drinkers get more options, while wine producers get the opportunity take their products to more wine lovers. Don’t be miserably unhappy with your next wine choice. Get a kit including a range of handpicked wines to try before you buy with Wyflo’s in-home wine tasting service. Enjoy with friends or keep them entirely to yourself, the choice is completely yours! Start your tasting journey now with the Wyflo Wine Tasting Box. 

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