Wyflo’s Dedication to L.A.T.T.E. and Responsible Wine Enjoyment

wyflo responsible

The draw to explore options from family-owned Australian wineries captures the interest and tastes of a wide variety of wine drinkers. Wyflo offers this opportunity with its unique small-bottle cellar door packages shipped directly to you. The convenience of getting multiple local wines delivered before you invest in a large bottle makes sense, but our dedication to the L.A.T.T.E. principles transcend more than just offering you a delicious glass.

L.A.T.T.E. – local, authentic, transparent, traceable, and ethical. These are the pillars that support Wyflo’s dedication to only providing you with exactly the tastes you want from wineries beyond the largest and most impersonal commercial ventures. Explore how we focus on each point to make your experience that much better.


Enjoy a selection of wines from grapes grown in Australia at family owned and operated wineries. This brings you not only the greatest range possible but also supports local communities. You may not be able to find many bottles of small or medium-sized wineries’ products on the shelves at your local shop. We believe in giving consumers the opportunity to try more than they knew existed before.


Learn about the winemakers and forged a bond through virtual wine tasting, explanatory videos, live streams, and more. People are what makes wine great, and we believe authenticity only comes with a true understanding of those who have a hand in its creation. One of Wyflo’s missions is to introduce true Aussie flavor to people who may not have the opportunity to explore different wines before.


You order small quantities of the wine varieties you enjoy, know where they come from and how they were made, and have the opportunity to try them before investing in a larger bottle. When you order, you will receive full information about shipping times, costs, and more. We believe this helps you make informed decisions about current and future purchases. There are no mysteries or surprises beyond the discovery of your new favorite wine.


Every bottle of wine comes directly from the local family wineries who have built a relationship with Wyflo. We place a high degree of importance on understanding where each bottle comes from and making sure quality assurance exists in a continuous line from the grapevine to your glass.


Wyflo endorses responsible wine consumption. Australian legal drinking and purchasing age for any alcohol is 18 years. We do not sell any cellar doors or wine bottles to people below that age.

The excitement and convenience of ordering a Wyflo tasting package can help you make smart decisions about your next full bottle purchase or give you the opportunity to create your own cellar door wine tasting party at home. With a focus on only the most authentic Australian wineries, we are proud to source every wine with the L.A.T.T.E. principles firmly in mind. We at Wyflo truly believe that this offers you the best opportunity to find a wine you love.

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