How to Get Visibility in the Australian Wine Industry as a Small or Medium Producer

A desire to create great tasting wine in Australia, rather than generating excessive revenue, is generally the driver behind small and medium wine producers. While sales and profit are essential for any business, they don’t dictate every step of the winemaking process for small/medium wine producers. Rather, a love of wine and a passion to create quality products is what drives small/medium wine producers.

If you’re one of those producers then you’ll understand the amount of blood, sweat and tears that goes into every single bottle of wine you make. Facing the challenge that comes with creating an amazing bottle of wine is one thing, but getting it in front of the right customer is whole other ball game.

If you aren’t a marketing guru, you’re not alone.

Running a wine production business is multi-faceted. Like many other small/medium business owners, you’re most likely a jack of all trades including the winemaker, bookkeeper, HR manger, operations director, and the list goes on. What about adding digital marketing and communications into the mix? 

If it all sounds too hard then it probably is. Digital marketing, including social media and websites, can be hugely time consuming, and require a certain degree of skill and expertise. Small/medium business owners aren’t always marketing specialists, which has been seen as a major hurdle, until now.

Change the Way You Sell Wine

The way wine in Australia is being sold and bought is changing; the traditional retail sales model is being transformed as we speak. Innovative online retailers are bringing wine producers and wine drinkers closer together through revolutionary platforms.   

Partnering with an online wine retailer, like Wyflo, could be the solution to many of your marketing problems. Wyflo is an online wine retailer with a twist. It not only sells your wine in Australia for you, but also allows the customer to taste the wine before they buy it.

This avoids the customer spending money on wine they don’t like, and ensures that customers who love your wine are the ones drinking it. With the digital marketing expertise to find the right customers, you have time to do what you do best, make outstanding Australian wine.

Rather than customers coming to you, Wyflo are taking the cellar door experience to the homes of wine lovers around Australia. The customer simply tells Wyflo about their preferences, a kit containing a range of wines is sent to the customer’s door, they taste the range and pick the ones they like. Simple as!

With 4000+ wine producers in Australia selling over 5000+ brands, Wyflo understands how hard it can be for small and medium wine producers to be seen by the average wine drinker. This platform was created to take the stress away from small/medium wine producers, giving wine drinkers around the country an opportunity to discover some of Australia’s best wines.   

Instead of waiting for customers to come to your cellar door, get your wine into households around Australia with Wyflo’s in-home wine tasting service. Become one of our preferred suppliers and let us do all the work for you.

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