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Welcome to Wyflo Plus

Join Wyflo Plus today at $9 a month (billed every 3 months), be part of the fast growing wine tasting community in Australia.

  • Members get unlimited access to our growing collection of wines at the cost it took to produce them.
  • Independently review every bottle you tasted. Keep track of what you’ve tried and what you thought of it by filling out a digital wine score card.
  • Order wines you like (after tasting) directly from the winery at a members-only price. No obligation.

$27.00 / 3 monthsI AM IN


What happens next after tasting?

Order wines you like directly from the winery at a members-only price..  No obligation.

What are the perks of the membership?

Every month, our partner wineries set aside a limited amount of stock exclusively for Wyflo members. Members get unlimited access to our growing collection of wines at the cost it took to produce them. In addition, members enjoy a 12/7 concierge service, early access to new varieties, and have the option to get invited to our future wine tasting classes and events.

At cost ? What does that mean ?

When visiting Cellar doors, you receive complimentary wine samples or pay a small fee just to cover the cost of the wines.  Same here at Wyflo, we strip out the markups so you only pay for the only TWO things you CAN taste. Great grapes and talented winemaking…

Why do you operate on a membership model?

The membership model allows Wyflo to control demand since quantities are limited. We do this by partnering directly with wineries/winemakers who have decades of experience producing high-quality wines in Australia.  It also allows us to solicit post tasting feedback from members. 

How much does the membership cost?

$9 per month(billed every three months), paid upfront. At this price, we’re able to deliver a best-in-class customer experience while ensuring our membership nearly always pays for itself within the first purchase.

Can I cancel my membership?

New members who haven’t made a purchase can cancel within the first 30 days for a full, no-questions-asked refund. Otherwise, we offer cancellations only after the billing period has ended. We do not offer pro-rated refunds.

Can I order without being a member?

Yes, at full retail price, why would you?

Do I have to judge every bottle of wine I just tasted? Why?

Wine tasting and rating are going hand in hand at Wyflo Plus. You must judge the wine you tasted before unlocking the member price for the next winery. 

As many of you will know, independent opinion in wine has come under pressure from several fronts:

  1. Excessively high scores by some critics, which undermine the credibility of wine ratings for the consumer
  2. Wine writers being paid directly by retailers, or entering into revenue share arrangements, for reviewing wines
  3. Advertorials masquerading as independent opinion
  4. “Cash for comment”, i.e. wineries being asked to pay to get featured

Your rating contributes directly to building a Mainstreet Wine score which will be published annually or as soon as it becomes statistically significant.  Be your own wine critic.


$27.00 / 3 monthsI AM IN

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