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2012 The Provenance Shiraz Cabernet

This enticing wine was made as a reward for our restaurant trade and not released to the public but we are opening it up to you at this time. A smooth rich wine that is aging beautifully. Drink now or store some in your cellar.

2016 ‘The Encounter’ Eden Valley Cabernet Sauvignon


The Encounter – An unexpected moment of significance that becomes a record of truth and promise.

Pippy, blackcurrant purity and freshness, supported by savoury notes of fennel, wet gravel stones, and damp earth. This is wine of method and purpose, but restrained by patience. Full-bodied, but fine-boned. Enjoy with roast lamb with hard, twiggy herbs (rosemary and thyme) and garlic, or just intense conversation. Planted on sandy loam over scattered areas of red clay, this ‘back’ vineyard was totally reworked in the 2015 pruning season to cut out any Eutypa (known a ‘dead arm’ or ‘dying arm’, a slow growing fungus in the vine trunk), and go from permanent arm (spur pruning) to rod & spur (cane pruning). This means renewed one year old wood in each future growing season. The result has been dramatic. The 20 of the 3500 Cabernet vines lost to Eutypa will be replaced next year. Techniques have also been implemented to manage the vineyard to prevent further disease intrusion.

2016 ‘The Reward’ Eden Valley Shiraz


The Reward – Eden Valley’s unerring ability to convert patience, detail and good husbandry into a recognized and distinctive Shiraz signature.

Courageous wine! Wild blackberry and hedgerow fruit, followed by a kick of licorice, and a rich note of vanilla-spiked, high-roast coffee.  This wine’s natural exuberance is tamed by a controlled finish of taut, fine tannin and piercing fruit acidity. A sleeper that calls for outdoor roasted beef or veal. We have younger and older blocks of Shiraz with some old Chardonnay vines grafted over to Shiraz as well. Some 100 year old clones have been sourced from around the district and each show a distinct bunch structure and taste. Daniel’s block (named after our grandson who was born in 1997, the year this block was planted) is looking really good having responded well to the reworking back to cane pruning. Two vertical foliage wires are used and the trellis gives good fruit exposure. Bird netting on individual rows allows for any seasonal spraying and ensures a non-bird damaged crop.

2018 ‘The Belief’ Eden Valley Sagrantino


The Belief – A faith that conviction always travels ahead of proof and accepted wisdom. A licence for imagination.

There is just over one hectare of Sagrantino planted on our Heathvale property, the only planting in the Eden Valley and one of very few in Australia. Sagrantino hails from Umbria in Central Italy, where it is best known for the wines from the Montefalco wine region. The wine is called ‘The Belief’ because that is exactly what it takes to persevere with the variety. The conviction that we had what it takes to produce a wine from this delicious grape, that we first tasted in 1986, instantly falling in love. Thirteen years from that first taste, through sourcing cuttings from Umbria, quarantine of the vines and finally the release of the first wine in 2010, our belief in the variety has seen us through. 2018 saw an excellent year in the Eden Valley with great colour, plenty of flavour and excellent ripeness resulting in balanced, flavoursome wines that are a pleasure to drink and speak clearly of the region.

2018 ‘The Witness’ Eden Valley Riesling


The Witness – A quietly observed act of faith, Riesling is Eden Valley’s most reliable account of site and season.

Bright pale straw in colour with faint hues of green, the bouquet has lifted citrus and floral notes. Citrus flavours abound on the palate, lemon sherbet wound together with a generosity of Riesling fruit and supportive minerality. The mouth feel is long and persistent with a totally crisp dry finish as you would expect from quality Eden valley Riesling. A perfectly-refreshing aperitif, or a delicate shellfish accompaniment. Thinner soil and an East facing aspect at the top of the rise has proven to be a great site for this vineyard. Cane pruning has evened out the spread of fruit along the cordon wire. Under vine spraying and mown mid rows keep the soil protected. Vine feeding is through the irrigation system. We have good quality water from our dam and bore. A disease and pest management spraying program is worked out with our specialist consultant who aims to give least impact to the ecological environment and yet be sustainable and effective.