When it comes to other consumer goods like clothing, online fashion retailers have cottoned onto the concept of try before you buy, revolutionising the way we shop. In three simple steps, you get a range of handpicked, personally styled outfits to choose from. You tell them about your preferences, body shape and budget, they send you a range of styled outfits to try, you select the ones you like and send back the ones you don’t. It not only saves you time and money, but gives you control over what you purchase.

Why should wine be any different?

Come wine with Wyflo

Select one of the Wyflo Wineries

You can choose different wines from a considerable selection of reds, roses, and whites at all price points to host your own cellar door.

WYFLO Wine Box
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You pay a sampling fee for each shipment, which is credited towards anything you choose to buy next. No travel or dressing up required.

Taste before you buy

Sampling a variety before you invest in a full-sized bottle allows you to find your perfect taste that you will love.

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Tell us what you think

Remember to give us feedback on the wine you received. Telling us what you liked, didn’t like and why helps our winemakers know what to send in future Wyflo tasting pack deliveries.